Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of Halloween | Day 14

During the month of October I am participating in a month-long blog hop with some amazing artists. Everyday you will find a new Halloween project on all of the blogs listed below. Each project must have stamping on it, be it digi or ink. There are prizes to win, be sure to check out all the rules HERE and information on the daily scavenger hunt is posted there! You must go HERE to find the item/s you are looking for the scavenger hunt.

You are missing days 11-13 for me...they are being restored daily...we had a mishap with the storms while I was out of town for the weekend...check back soon.

 Welcome to Day 14 of the 31 Days of Halloween hop with SmearedInk.com! Today I'm sharing a small tile that I created with a piece of artist board and emboss enamels. I layered on enamels until I had a think molten tile and then I stamped the spiderweb rubber stamp into my molten EP. Once it cooled, I traced over the imprinted web with first white paint pen and then glitter pen to add some extra sparkle--thus making it virtually impossible to photograph directly! I finished the piece with black paint pen around the edges. I hope you enjoy my project! Please come back tomorrow for more!

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  1. So glad you're back and everything is alright. Really cool tile. Gorgeous effect. Bummer about your posts but I'm looking forward to seeing the missing projects, too. xxD

  2. We did miss you! I was hoping things were OK, maybe you had an offer too good to refuse, won a lottery, etc. I look forward tos eeing the missing projects.

    This is a very useful and amazing technique. I know I will be trying this. Thank you

  3. So glad you're back and that things are OK! Love your tile today--cool technique!

  4. Glad to see you back! You were definitely missed. Happy things are okay!
    Love your tile, I wanna touch it, looks like glass, awesome! Gotta learn and play with your fabulous techniques!

  5. A fabulous tile, love the texture!
    So glad you're back too and look forward to seeing your MIA posts but so glad your storms have passed!

  6. Great piece. Glad you are okay. Was wondering where those days went.

  7. Very pleased to see you are back!! Super tile - thanks for the method too...

  8. Yay, glad you are back! I love today's project, the tile is fabulous! Love the effect. Mo x

    1. Was worried about ya! Way to come back strong! Love the tile and don't ya just love those projects that are soooo cool but refuse to photograph decently? Your tile is so gorgeous that it shows through anyway!! Fabulous!

  9. Isn't it funny that some of our favorite things makes photographing our work next to impossible. I think you did a fabulous job all and all. I love the design the dimension and of course the sparkles

  10. Great that you are back. Love the tile, great work.

  11. Wow this tile would have been fun to create, and the finished result is awesome!

  12. Yay, you're back! What a cool tile, love the sparkle.

  13. What a cool technique! I have never seen this done before! Nice job with the white trace! Makes it POP for sure! Wonder what that stuff is like to work with? Seems kind of gooey


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