Tuesday, May 15, 2007

J&K Solo pages.

  1. Begin by selecting a photocopied dictionary page that you prefer for the word “joy” and taping with clear packing tape over the section of the definition that you like. Trim by tearing the remaining piece of paper so that it fits into your cup to soak. Let the taped paper soak until we come back to it. J [at least 30 minutes for ease…the longer the better.
  2. Take out your white journal rectangles and Garden Green 6×6. With the floral background stamp in the Delight in Everything set, stamp Crystal Blue first generation flower on the edges of the journal box for K and second generation flowers on the insides of the journal box for K. With the same stamp, stamp second generation Crystal Blue flowers on the journal box for J. Then stamp first generation with Crystal Blue on the Garden Green 6×6 background cardstock. With Buttercup, stamp background flowers first generation on the journal box for J. With Garden Green, stamp background flowers second generation on the journal box for J.
  3. Take out your Buttercup border strip. With the negative shapes from the Dimensional Elements Flower Garden, dry emboss flowers onto the strip with an Empressor tool. You could use a light box if you choose but due to the size of the border and the thickness of the chipboard I just “felt for it.” J To make the surface of the cardstock easier for the tool to glide on, rub with wax paper. Go around the insides of the flowers. The harder you press, the deeper the emboss but you could also poke a hole. Due to the depth of the chipboard, I would not use a traditional embossing tool as it leaves too many tool marks and is more likely to puncture the cardstock.
  4. Using the Buttercup ink, swipe the raised embossed flowers and the edges of the Buttercup strip. If you like, you could penstitch around the flowers to make it look “quilted.”
  5. With Garden Green stamp the solid corner flourish from the May SOTM. This will act as a corner notch. Use a craft knife to cut the top edge to make a “pocket” for the photo with the journal box to sit in.
  6. With the Crystal Blue, edge the white 1” strip and stamp with Garden Green the saying from May SOTM.
  7. On the white “spare rectangles” stamp Crystal Blue flowers from Delight in Everything set. Trim out. Ink big k from Solo K with Buttercup ink and then stamp open small florish from SOTM with Crystal Blue ink and stamp onto the k rubber [Buttercup is still on the rubber]. “Huff” with hot breath onto the rubber to re-moisten the stamp and stamp onto white cardstock. Trim out the “k”.
  8. On background paper stamp the big j from Solo J. Trim out. With a small piece of background—1” wide, cut a fold-over for the edge of the saying.
  9. Staple fold-over and folded piece of Garden Green organza ribbon to edge of saying strip. Attach say to top on the embossed border with a glue dot on the left only…it will flap to allow photo to be removed to read journaling.
  10. On Buttercup small squares, stamp little k from Solo K set.
  11. On white ½” strips write the end of the “k” words—I used “kiss”, “kind”, and “kitty.” Your words can be whatever means something to you.
  12. On Buttercup 6×6 glue down Background paper triangles in corners. With sewn stitching stamp from Fabric Finishes, stamp stitches around triangles to look like quilting with Garden Green ink.
  13. Also with Garden Green ink, stamp grosgrain ribbon on ½” Buttercup strip. Attach strip to base page. Attach small k’s to small Cranberry squares and attach to their words. Attach these to the ribbon strip.
  14. With flat glue dots attach ribbon to Buttercup journal mat at the bottom on both sides creating a “loop.” Attach white journal box to Buttercup mat. Slide on some glass seed beads to Garden Green safety pin and slip through loop created This makes a “pull” for the hidden journaling.
  15. Attach Garden Green rectangle to large Cranberry rectangle. Add foam tape to the back of the letter K. Remove tape from the “l” side of the k and adhere to the left side of the mat. Attach trimmed out Crystal Blue flowers. Leave the other side unattached until you figure out what picture you want there so that it will be able to overlap the picture. Attach SKINNY [I cut it in ⅛” strips” foam tap to back side and top edges of Cranberry rectangle. Remove protective tape and tape down to Buttercup base page. With hole punch add tiny holes at the right top and bottom corners of the Garden Green rectangle. Insert brad through Buttercup photo turn and into holes. Punch out and adhere Buttercup flowers to tops of brads with a white glue. Insert photo under k and photo turns.
  16. Take you tape out of the water and the paper should just about fall off. You may need to rub lightly on the back to remove any that refuse to just easily come off. This technique will not work with INKJET printers. It has to be a copy or a printout where toner has been fused to the paper. Inkjet printouts will just run. The tape will regain some of it’s “sticky” and most likely will easily stick on top of your paper.
  17. Adhere the j to the embossed Buttercup border. Pop dot the remaining Crystal Blue flower for the dot of the j. Position your tape across the j. Add eyelets to two opposing corners.
  18. Adhere white journal box to back of Cranberry background.
  19. With glue dots or a heavy bodied white glue attach Summer Posies Paper flowers to the stamped flourish. Add some fiber to the button and attach button to posy with a glue dot. Attach a Crystal Blue punchie to the center of the small flower.