Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Refashions 2015 | Day 4

 This weekend my Fancy Fashionista and I spent the weekend looking through garage sale and goodwill finds to create a weeks worth of fashions for school to make it to the end of the school year. *Someone* hit a growth spurt and needed clothes NOW! I love that she likes to be creative and wanted to try making them. After this winter's 4-H Refashion Workshop she had declared that next year she would be making ALL of her school clothes. This short-term need gave us an opportunity to give it a try.

Today's fashion was started out as two shirts and a denim vest/dress. The best part is all three pieces were bought at an AWESOME garage sale for 50¢ each--so total materials $1.50! Fancy Pants likes a little color so of course this needed refashioning with COLOR. She chose the plaid shirt for the accents on the denim piece. The denim piece needed to be fitted to her body, The arm openings were tucked under and sewn to fit her shoulders better. Under the arms a generous dart was sewn to take it in to fit better around her arms and waist. The ties [from the plaid shirt] were attached to pull the back in for further fitting. Fancy loves that cotton rips and so the ruffle was constructed of ripped strips of the plaid fabric sewn together and then ruffled and attached to the bottom of the dress. They were left ragged on purpose! Originally the idea was to remove the collars from both and attached the plaid collar to the denim piece. The plaid collar was too little however so it was split and attached over the top of the denim collar. While Fancy slept I attached hot-fix rhinestones to the faux pockets and collar as a surprise, I think she loves it.
The little jacket was another shirt. It was sheer and had a gathered elastic bottom. We removed it and trimmed it to where it would come up to her waist. The front was split to make it a jacket and it was simply hemmed around the edge. While I did a bit more work on this one than she did, it was totally Fancy's idea and completely her style! We hope you enjoy!

Come back tomorrow for another refashioned spring outfit!

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