Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Refashions 2015 | Day 3

**sorry for the delay on Day 3--technical difficulties with images made us late!**

This weekend my Fancy Fashionista and I spent the weekend looking through garage sale and goodwill finds to create a weeks worth of fashions for school to make it to the end of the school year. *Someone* hit a growth spurt and needed clothes NOW! I love that she likes to be creative and wanted to try making them. After this winter's 4-H Refashion Workshop she had declared that next year she would be making ALL of her school clothes. This short-term need gave us an opportunity to give it a try.

Today's fashion was super easy. It started as a VERY SHORT dress [the orange top] and a smocked elasticy sundress. For the top I removed about 8" and hemmed it. For the skirt, she wanted it long so we simply cut it down to this really cool trim [not seen in photo] and made an elastic casing to complete the skirt. 

Come back tomorrow for another refashioned spring outfit!

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