Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Refashions 2015 | Day 2

This weekend my Fancy Fashionista and I spent the weekend looking through garage sale and goodwill finds to create a weeks worth of fashions for school to make it to the end of the school year. *Someone* hit a growth spurt and needed clothes NOW! I love that she likes to be creative and wanted to try making them. After this winter's 4-H Refashion Workshop she had declared that next year she would be making ALL of her school clothes. This short-term need gave us an opportunity to give it a try.

Today's fashion was a sundress made with the smocked gathering at the top and this cha-cha tank sweater. Nothing was done to the tank. Fancy loved it as is an actually sorted through 2 33 gallon bags to find the perfect compliment to it. The dress had that elasticy smocking at the top that holds the dress to your body. She LOVED this and wanted it to be a skirt that was higher in the front than the back. We used that for the waist of the dress and then brought the front up considerably. The front lays flat and is up around her knees and the back drapes down and falls mid to lower calf. To make it we just pinned it in place, measuring to insure a straight line across the front. In the back we gathered material so that it had a bit of fullness. Using her new Janome sewing machine [a Christmas present from Grammie and Papa] I helped her make a zig-zag around the whole skirt so that it would still stretch with the elastic. She paired it with some lace bottom leggings in her own wardrobe. I kinda think she likes it! lol!

Come back tomorrow for another refashioned spring outfit!

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