Tuesday, April 22, 2014

leslierahye's 3rd Annual Earth Day Blog Hop

Welcome to my 3rd Annual Earth Day Blog Hop! This is one of my passions...upcycling! On a daily basis I am looking for ways to renew-reuse-recycle the materials I come into contact with. I am constantly rescuing toilet paper rolls from their landfill destiny, rinsing out bottles and jars, folding up packing materials for my box of supplies and reclaiming envelopes for mini altered journals.

Upcycled Denim Baskets
These fun baskets were created simply by removing the bottom of blue jeans, sewing up the bottom,and adding trim to the folded cuff. I will add a small can on the inside of each to allow me to place pens, brushes, pencils in them--the can will keep the tools from leaking on the denim and keep them looking pretty longer!


Winter Libations Altered Bottle
featured in the Winter 2014 Altered Arts Magazine


A Selection of My Upcycled Faves
so far this year!

Please take a moment to stop at the rest of the hops of this short hop today. Next time, before you discard something ask yourself, can this be renewed? can I reuse it? can it be unpcycled? because....

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  1. you were right, small but great hop. wish I had had time this go 'round. I bet I have enough scraps from something. hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. I hope I get to play in one of your FAB hops in the future - I also love to recycle and upcycle - I just need another room to store all the cool stuff that I want to save :) Adorable denim baskets & I know I have a pair, or 2, of jeans that are too. . .not my style :) hugs!

  3. Okay Amazing as always - I live for recycling and upcycling unique pieces. Thanks for all your inspiration

  4. Your baskets are very cute! Be great by your computer! Great job!


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