Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Greetings!

 Happy Wednesday everyone! Today on the Globecraft and Piccolo Blog I share a birthday card with a mixed enamel background. I began with a piece of mixed media paper [it's heavier and works well with building layers of emboss enamel--it does not buckle like lighter card stocks  can do]. I rubbed Enamel Powder Adhesive Fluid all over the piece of Mixed Media Paper and sprinkled on a layer of Enamel Powder STARRY SKY. While the Starry Sky was still molten, I add in a pinch or two of Enamel Powder AGED WHITE and a bit of Enamel Powder GIRLS NIGHT OUT. I set this aside to cool.
I moistened my Happy Birthday stamp with the Adhesive Fluid and stamped my Mixed Media Paper by laying the paper on top of the stamp and rubbing gently. I sprinkled the stamped image with Girls Night Out and heat set the powder. Once cool I brushed 3D Enamel Gel SATIN SILVER picking up bits of glitter in the enamel. The gel acts like a glue adhering the loose pieces down. I like the effect of the black glitter in the open areas of the sentiment. The silver is not too opaque and gives a translucent feel to the sentiment.
The card was finished off by tying some string around the sentiment and layering some silk ribbon below the sentiment. 
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