Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days of Halloween | Day 21

During the month of October I am participating in a month-long blog hop with some amazing artists. Everyday you will find a new Halloween project on all of the blogs listed below. Each project must have stamping on it, be it digi or ink. There are prizes to win, be sure to check out all the rules HERE and information on the daily scavenger hunt is posted there! You must go HERE to find the item/s you are looking for the scavenger hunt.

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing another little fat book page with you and a tutorial on how to achieve the textured background! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the photo-tutorial

Begin on a sturdy backing. I like to use Bazzill Book Board as it is sturdy and does not buckle with the wet applications. I selected 2 colors [you can select however many you desire] of acrylic paint to work with. Have our heat tool handy as you will want to zap the fat book page while the paint is still wet for this effect!

Apply paint to the surface of your board...You want thick spots and thin spots. This paint had a thinner consistency than some paints and came out of the bottle with bubbles! Most of the time it is a creamier consistency. Never fear, this will not alter the process, the heat will pop most of the little air bubbles to start with! 

Start heating the will dance and swell! It's really pretty fun! This is why I do this, the fun factor...the cool texture at the end is just a bonus for me! The above photo shows the paint puffing while the heat is applied...

when I remove the heat the paint deflates like this.

Sometimes when you heat a big bubble, it will break allowing more wet paint to bubble. In the thinner areas the paint still reacts with smaller bubbles.
 If you are happy with the textures you can stop here.

 OR...add more orange paint and heat again---it's not a problem to layer on more!

Then when you're happy with the base, add your second color. I like the effect of having it on just part of the tile. You can use a paint brush or a stick or whatever to target the paint where you want it. I like some of the under color showing through.

Then zap it again with the heat. In some places on this you will notice the green has a grey tinge to it...That is where I concentrated more heat after the paint was dry and had quit expanding.

Now, you have leave your background as is--like I did on the May Arts Project in my second post today--or you can add more layers. I added some Dylusons mist in brown to the fat book page. Yes, I zapped that with heat too!

That mist does not have mica in it so if you want a more sparkly finish like is on Saturday's post then apply another layer of a mist with mica. I like the matte finish here and want to stop my layers at this point.

I completed the card by adding on my burlap and focal piece along with the words and floral embellishment!
I hope you give it at try! Thank you for your interest in my technique!

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  1. I do believe you enjoy the process as much as the wonderful results.

  2. This is done with usual acrylic paint? Most amazing and most wonderful - I have to try this! Nice card and a splendid background - and thanks a lot for this inspiration!
    hugs serafeena

    1. yes, just plain old acrylic paint. I've used all sorts of brands and it always bubbles while it's still wet! :)

  3. Oh wow!!! Thank you for the tutorial! This is a great idea and does look like lots of fun, I must add this to my to do list!!! The finished card is fab! mo x

  4. Very cool! Thanks for the tut! Love your fat book page!

  5. AMAZING! Thanks so much for the fab tut. Love the finished product at well. xxD

  6. How fun this looks! I am gonna try it! I love that BEE too!

  7. Who woudl have guessed that awesome texture came from just paint?!?! Thanks for much for the tutorial I really must try this. Your page is adorable, love that bee witch!

  8. WOW that is one cool technique.... I LOVE THE BEE CARD!!!!!! So BEE-Witching!

  9. Such a cool technique. I am so going to try this. Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I love that cute bee.


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