Friday, June 29, 2012

Project Profile | Freezer Paper Stenciling with Amanda Marks

I am inspired by my friends and fellow bloggers every day. With the advent of Pinterest, this has only become more prevalent. I try my best when crafting an inspired project to give you all the low down on where my inspiration came from as it is important for artisans to support each other and give credit for our inspiration.
There are many times that I see a project and think WOW that's really cool and the project leaves me wanting to one day give it a whirl. But in the mean time I want to share with my friends and blog readers the coolness of the craft. Until now that cool project would have sat on a shelf until I created my own version of it to share. The problem...I have a BOOK SHELF worth of inspiration and while I'm chiseling away at it, there is no way some of the more recent fun projects will get done anytime soon! The solution? A Project Profile Post. This will be a random post of amazing artists/designers/crafters that inspire me and I know will inspire you too! So today I present :

Project Profile | Freezer Paper Stenciling with Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks is my co-host partner on The Odd Show Live. On her weekly live stream Who Are You Calling Crafty Live this week she shared with her audience a terrific project. She crafted a t-shirt for her son with the image of his new favorite artist on it. After tracing and transferring the image to the dull side of some freezer paper, she "thickened" the lines, cut them out by hand with a craft knife and stenciled it on a shirt. Very cool! Enjoy the playback of her show!


More from Amanda

Amanda has many great tutorials on her sure to check them out~ my favorite is her paperclay dolls and ornaments...but this project is being added to that list today!
Thank you for looking! I hope this video inspires you to try your own image stenciling too!


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