Sunday, June 10, 2012

Art Calendar Challenge 2012 | June 2♥12

For a few years now I have been stalking a challenge that a super mixed media artist Kate Crane has been hosting on her blog The Kathryn Wheel. You create an art calendar and journal or doodle or whatever each day of the year. This year with there being 366 days it is the Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge!

You've seen me working on my Art Journal/Calendar on my leslierahye's crafty gig over the last few months...I've been really good at starting page backgrounds and remembering to write on my journal pages but lousy at making these beautiful Art Calendar Pages. I was relieved when I went to upload my link that the leader herself had a few things on her plate this month and has not quite revealed her June calendar. I'm in good company it seems. Well here I am trying this AGAIN! Below are videos I made while working on these two pages. Thank you for looking!

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