Monday, May 9, 2011

Ribbon and Crystal Bookmarks

Last year my boss' mother commissioned me to make for her some bookmarks for her Women's Club in a variety of colors to go with her presentation--each color represented each woman and what a "jewel" she was for volunteering with her that year. The bookmarks were so well received that this year I received another call to make them, this time for my boss' aunt!

close-up of crystal focal piece with dangle.
For this bookmark you will need some wire--I used 22 gauge--a variety of crystals in graduated shapes and colors, some silver beads for accents and some small seed beads to act as stoppers on the nail head pins which you will also need, cord ends, jumprings and some  3/8" velvet ribbon.

entire bookmark
 The ribbon was cut to a length of 9½" and a cord end was crimped to each end with flat pliers. crystals and beads were added to nail head pins and a loop was formed at one end so that a jumpring could be added to add the dangles on the nail heads to the bottom of the bookmark ribbon and to the focus piece of the top of the ribbon
Finally a piece of wire was bent to make a loop on one end, the beads were added onto the wire, and then a loop was fashioned to the top of the focus piece. This was then attached with jump rings to both the top end of the ribbon bookmark and to the small dangle piece that adds movement to the focus piece.
I think they turned out beautiful! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my bookmarks!
all 9 lined up in a row.


  1. Beautiful mini-tut, kiddo - and I just LOVE your blog design!

  2. Thanks! I plan to make a video on this later...but wanted to get those pretty jewels up on my blog! :)
    I ♥ basic grey!!! color me silly is probably my favorite set! :)


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