Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Cinco de Mayo Ruffle

A letter came home today with Sam's backpack saying that she needed to wear a skirt to perform a dance for Cinco De Mayo. Sam really wanted a traditional Spanish Folk Dance outfit but her teacher and I convinced her that a shorter skirt with a ruffle perhaps would be perfect as she needed to be able to shuffle her feet for the dance.
I went to my stash of fabric from my mother-in-law's quilting days and found this beautiful colorful striped piece. We decided to add it to Sam's denim skort and make a new Cinco de Mayo ruffle skirt!
fabric and skirt before.

I cut strips of fabric about 4 inches wide and then attached them end to end to each other so I would have  a long enough strip to ruffle. Next I did 2 running stitches on about 10 stitches per inch to have strings to pull up to make a ruffle.

adding straight stitching to make a ruffle
 Once pulled, I placed the ruffle on the skirt, insured I had enough to have a full ruffle all the way around the edge and stitched it in place.

fabric gathered and ruffled
 After successfully stitching all the way around the skirt to add the ruffle, I folded over the bottom hem and stitched,
ruffle added to skirt and now being hemmed
I really love the look of the completed ruffle on the skirt! 
finished ruffle
My little amiga does too! She and I wish you a very happy Cinco de Mayo!
One happy amiga ready to dance with her amigos!
Gracias amigos!


  1. Cutie patootie and that's one adorable skirt!

  2. Ola! A very pretty senorita in a very pretty rainbow ruffle. Lovely!


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