Friday, April 26, 2013

Follow the Art | Another Mixed Media Challenge!

One of my favorite parts of art journalling and mixed media art is what I call "following the art." I have talked to the owner Jean about this a number of times over the past year. What happens is I will have a plan in my head of how I want something to progress and I will sit down to do that project but the end product that I had in mind is not where I end up...I "follow the art." That is how this project began. I initially wanted to attempt to replicate a technique done with other products and see if I could make it with products available at The main difference being that rather than using resin, I was using lacquer. Now before you go and say "well there's your problem," here's my reasoning...I can get the resin look with lacquer successfully, I think in this particular technique it should work in a similar let's give it a whirl. Over on the blog today I go through the experimentation that occurred to create the focal piece on this page--please be sure to check it out!

I'm entering this project in  TracyWeinZapfel Studios April Creative Dare--details of the dare is below. Check it's a great way to get your creativity flowing! Thanks for the inspiration Tracy!
Your Creative Dare is to think of FIVE WORDS Describing what your life means.  Your purpose!  What FIVE WORDS encompass what you want to be remembered for?  
I have recently embraced the power of arting my words....I am arting this  year and focusing on the word BLOOM. It has been an amazing focus for me and has manifested many powerful and awesome opportunities for me this year so far! So...of course I was intrigued in writing down how I wanted to be remembered. But for me I had to first think of who I was...well that was quasi-easy : Mom, wife, daughter, friend and mentor. Hey look, 5 things--Sa-weet! But how did I want to be remembered...those things are terrific and I would be happy with that but I felt the challenge was looking for more adjective type words not noun type words...that was more difficult. I took it to my fan page. I was honored to see how others view me many kind and wonderful warm loving things. I love my fans...they are awesome. I then asked my kids...surprisingly they never said, "mean, unfair, bossy...". Instead I got "Awesome, talented, smart." I love these people. They have a great mom to teach them to be so kind. With that in mind, and with the words of my fans in my mind, I came up with these five and I hope I can live up to that: Passionate, Creative, Kind, Honest and AWESOME! Thank you everyone for your input!
I dare you to incorporate the following elements from our Sponors:  The Crafter's Workshop Templates and Beacon Adhesives 

I accept your dare and used 2 Crafter's Workshop Templates and my favorite Beacon 3n1.

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please feel free to follow me and subscribe through bloglovin so you never miss an update!  I hope you enjoy experimenting with your supplies and don't be afraid to "follow the art."


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