Monday, August 27, 2012

Altered Travel Case

Happy Monday Morning everyone! A year ago next week I began my 1st term with Sakura Hobby Crafts--sharing the allure of this amazing product here and on the Crystal Lacquer Blog. For my first project with you, I concentrated on the high viscosity lacquer in the pink and white bottle with Luggage Tags for my son and for his girl friend for their band instruments. It is merely a coincidence that today's project is an upcycled travel case; but that I'm focusing on the lacquer in the pink and white bottle again is not! I've altered this case to hold my felting tools and wool roving! I hope you enjoy my project! 

The Method

I began with a travel case that my friend Marie found at a garage sale for me! I new immediately that I wanted to make it into something for my fiber crafts. I sanded the surface of the case to remove some of the smoothness giving the paper and lacquer something to hold onto. 

I layered tissue paper and white paper to the entire surface of the travel case--adhering it with brushed on Crystal Lacquer--until I was satisfied with the look of it. I sanded the metal hinges so that they looked like brushed metal. I added back more paper as necessary to cover any blue that showed through from the case.

Finally I used these fantastic pink glittered letters that my friend Molly gave me to spell out Felting on top of the case. I adhered them to the top with Crystal Lacquer. I love the clean feeling the white lacquered paper gives the case. It's the perfect home for my felting tools.

...and goodbye

It is with this final project that I bid you farewell on the Sakura Hobby Crafts Design Team. I have enjoyed my time creating crafty projects for you using amazing Sakura Hobby Crafts Crystal Lacquer and Sakura products.  I will continue using them in my paper crafting and altering projects for years to come. You can continue to connect with me as I travel my crafty adventures here on my blog or here. Thank you for looking!


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