Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Favorite Things ATC with Amazing Mold Putty

Artist Trading Cards [ATC for short] are little pieces of art contained on a "card" the size of 2½×3½. These can be made out of anything. I have plans this year to try to make ATCs in an effort to broaden my creativity. Today I present to you an ATC comprised of my favorite things!  I hope you enjoy!
Favorite Things ATC--felting, steampunk, Amazing Mold Putty
Terri Sproul Mixers, and Sizzix Dies--these are a few of MY favorite things!
I began the construction of my ATC by die cutting from felt the
ATC base, gears, hearts and other potential items that I might
need in the construction of my ATC.
I then also die cut foam core board to use for making my mold.
I rolled out a large piece of putty after combining Part A and Part B.
I pressed the foam core die cuts into the putty and went over them
with my brayer pushing putty to enable an even pour of resin.
The completed molds looked like this. They were perfect for
pouring the white Amazing Casting Resin. I also practiced with
some Creative Paperclay that I will use for a future project. These
steampunky molds will get quite the workout!
I added the felt components to the felt ATC base
by needle felting them.
Prior to pouring the casting resin, I dusted my molds with bronze
Metallic Powder by Allumilite. It provide this matte finish to my
resin gears.
I coated my gear for my project with Sakura Hobby
Crafts 3D Crysral Lacquer mixed with the Allumilite
Metallic Powder to give it a sheen. I then also for the heart
sprinkled Terri Sproul's Mixers Glitz Effects--which are
small Vintage Glass Particles--think chunky glitter.
The elements were then trimmed and added to my felt ATC with hot glue.The edges that were revealed by cutting the resin were touched with more Allumilite and lacquer

I adore how My Favorite Things ATC turned out. The elements that can be molded and casted are virtually unlimited!! I can't wait to make  more "die cut" molds and create accessories for all of my crafty needs!! stay tuned...

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