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Gill's Fairy Day Blog Hop Day 2 | Fairy Party Wings

Good Morning and welcome to Gill's Fairy Day Blog hop Day 2. This is a 2 day hop for 24th and 25th of June where the line up on both days is different--I am participating on both days so come back for more tomorrow! If you wish to see my project from Day 1, return to posts from yesterday here.
If you arrived here from Vickie's blog then you are in the right spot! If you joined in randomly, you may start at the top of the hop here!
The theme of this hop is FAIRY Day so what we are doing on this hop is bringing together a select few people from all over the world to take part and for them to create a project with a fairy or fairies on it.
This is a differnt kind of hop as along the hop there are letters to find in the postings - not all blogs have the letters but if you gather all the letters then at the end of the hop on day 2 assemble them to create a fairy related word. If you then return to my blog and enter the Mr Linky at the bottom of the post (do not reveal the secret word yet). After the hop i will contact someone at random and ask them to email me with the word - if correct they win some lovely candy from Gill.
For my post today, I wanted to share ideas and a project that was made for my daughter's 3rd birthday--The Fairy Party!! The back yard was transformed into Fairyland for the birthday party--luckily we have wild spiderwort that grows in the back yard and makes a beautiful Fairyland backdrop. As we have never witness a true fairy circle at our own house, we created one with mushrooms bought at the stores and toothpicks to stick them into the ground. Fairy puppets constructed of wooden puppets with felt, yarn and pipecleaner wings were througout the yard near fairy areas. The cake was a two layer round strawber iced with buttercream. The birthday girl wanted fresh flowers on the cake for the deoration and hotpink icing with kelly green trim. Guests were transformed upon arrival into fairies with painted faces and transparent wings.

To construct the wings you need 4 transparency sheets, alchohol inks, paint, tissue paper and gel medium or modpodge, felt, hotglue, 2 yards of ribbon cut in half, stapler and glitter. Trace a butterfly wing pattern onto the transparency with a marker. Working on the opposite side of the traced line, begin with alchohol inks, layering and blending until the desired patterning and spotting is achieved. Each of these can be VERY different from set to set. The older kids enjoy making them as well.
Next layer on paint and or tissue paper--work so the wings still have some transparency. Feel free to work over the drawn line as the line will be for cutting and you want your layers to be all the way to the cut line.
When the wings are dry, add squiggles or brushstrokes of white glue and sprinkle with glitter! This can be on either side.

To assemble the wings, pleat the flat edge of the wing and hold in place by stapling the edge of the pleat. do this for EACH quadrant of wing. Place the wing pairs--bottoms together and then tops together-- and secure with a few staples i the pleated parts. With clear hot glue, run a bead of glue down the edge of the wing that is not pleated and attach to the top quadrant--repeat for other side. With hotglue attach the ribbons to the wings first leaving tails for tying. In the final step, glue a strip of felt around the stapled wings and ribbons to secure in place and disguise the assembly of the wings. Fairies wings are attached by tying a bow with the ribbons around the arms.

Above are examples of fairy houses found around fairyland. The rooms in the cinderblock were several toghether to form an appartment complex for the fairies. Another house was a side-turned clay pot and the final house was constructed out of sticks in the shape of a teepee. Acryllic sheeps wool made a native fairy looking habitat. Since fairies collect treasure around the home and take their people's things, the homes were furnished with items made by the fairies or altered from people items...thimbles, footstools, tiny chairs. Beads, keys, jewelry and glitter of course were all fair game for the fairy. One brave little winged creature even swiped a phone!
We had a great deal of fun transforming the kids and the yard into Fairyland. This article is one in a line of articles that I write for event/birthday party planning. There is one more article to be written about other decorations in the yard and fairy crafts that the participants created while attending the party. That article will be coming in the next month or two.
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Now back to the hop -Gill has hidden a number of letters throughtout the hop over both days. I personally do not have a letter on my stop but there are some hidden nearby! Remember to collect all the letters from the hop (they will appear over the 2 days) and assemble to form a fairy related word then return to Gill's blog at the end of the 2 day hop and enter the Mr linky (not revealing the word) for your chance to win candy.
The next stop on the hop is my crafty friend  Haidee! Hop on over to see her wonderful creations!


  1. awesome! so great to make it a family project!

  2. What a great family project. Awesome

  3. Oh Leslie - this is fabulous! i wish my girls were still little enough to do this! When they were little, they went to a fairy party and as it was kind of short notice and we were short on cash, i scrounged in my boxes of fabric and came up with some fabric that seemed fairyish - flowery and pink :) We just did that cut a hole for the head and holes for the arms and slipped it over their head. Lots of fabric made the fairy dresses full. Then we took about a yard of tulle for each of them, folded it in half and tied it around their chest so the "wings" hung down their back. They could grab the ends for flying. It was simple and it is hard to picture but they turned out so cute. They wore these simple little fairy dresses for a long time. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. everything was awesome you did a wonderful job

  5. Great fairy wings
    I am now a follower and look forward to coming back and see what you create

  6. Love your project. I am a follower. TFS

  7. Oh my goodness. that has got to be one of the coolest birthday parties EVER!!

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    dot com

  8. What a great family project , love the wings:)
    Val x

  9. Wow! Leslie--you are a great mom! It's all so dreamicle! Will you do this for me?

  10. Hiya - better late than not at all so here i am doing the hop - what a manic weekend ! WOW your projects are so fantastic - i love the whole concept behind them all, the colouring, the ideas and just the whole general fairyness of them all. the little houses are so sweet ! what a lot of effort you put in which i appreciate. Thank you for being in my hop and thank you for your help with the "hiccups" and im looking forward to the next one where i promise i will be at home. x

  11. What great projects! Fantastic idea for any little girls birthday!

    Well done!

    Sorry for not flying by before now, I've been away all weekend with Gill McCall who is hosting this blog hop.


  12. This is so wonderful LR! What a beautiful memory you made for the kids!


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