Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge #8 | Replay 2 with Heart

This has been a particulary difficult week for many in my life and The Diva was no exception to that. For the full story read her blog post on the I am the Diva Challenge Blog.  My heart goes out to Laura and her family and to all the families in my life touched by anniversaries of death, death, loss, and difficult times this week. You all are in my heart and in my thoughts.
Laura, or rather Laura's husband, suggested that for this week's challenge we revisit past challenges and use two of them to create a heart. I spent this tangle meditiating not just to Laura but to all in my life that needed some positive warm energy in their lives, to heal physically, mentally and spiritally. I chose to replay my two favorite challenges, Orbs and Ixcorus. And springing from all over are hearts in various sizes. I hope this tangle brings you all the healing you need. {{{hugs}}}
Thank you for looking.
Replay 2 with Heart by leslierahye


  1. Very nice! You have definitely sparked my interest in Zentangle. Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. A lovely flowing tile full of love and generous thoughts!

  3. Beautiful ZT, Leslie! I love your "healing with art" tag... I think I'll start using that too. [smile] And such a beautiful post you've written. With all those hearts you're sending out (my, there are a lot of them!) - I figured I'd send a few back to you (hope these come through as hearts on your screen): ♥♥♥♥

  4. Really nice - lots of healing energy here


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