Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sn-ICE tangles

Well we are starting Sn-Ice day #3 in Texas--snow+ice+bitter cold. So, how do we pass the day in our house on Sn-ICE days? well, we watch some movies, cook lots of comfort food, and draw--or more specifically we TANGLE!!
Below is a zentangle my son [nearly11] did today--I love it! His tangle has birds of prey in them! Great work Will!

Birds of Prey Zentangle by Will H. Strickland
This one is a tumble tile tangle for my friend Jessica, She can use it for a coaster! Tumbled tile with BIC Markers.
Tumble Tile "J" for Jessica
Thank you for looking! We will keep ourselves warm and continue creating through the Winter of 2011!


  1. Will's zentangle is wonderful! Mommy's is good too :)
    FYI Leslie --- my name starts with 'R' :)

  2. Thank you Robi... I was just wondering what your name started with. :)

  3. I love them both, but your son's really catches my eye. When I was a volunteer Girl Guide leader everyone else was "Rainbow" or "Sunshine" - my nature name was a raptor, "Kestrel"!

  4. Hi Leslie

    I wonder if you could mail me aqs i cant find an email address :)

    Stamping Dragon Designs


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