Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tangling on a Tuesday

Yesterday we were sniced in with the kids [snice=snow + ice] and so I took the time to do some event planning and crafting for my son's upcoming 11th birthday party. Also, rather than working on Laura's challenge for this week, I decided to just relax and revisit last week's inspiration...I am loving the ixorus tangle and was inspired by all of the submissions at the I am the Diva Blog last week to investigate this more. Below is one interpretation of Ixorus that I'd like to share with you...I'm sure there are more to come...this little tangle pattern has gotten under my skin!

Ixorus relaxing


  1. It's a fantastic pattern. Love the way you're using it!

  2. I have seen this technique a lot the last couple of days. Totally love it. Love your use of it.

  3. Your tangle is fascinating. I love the way you used the Ixorus.


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