Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Samantha's Dragonoligist Party | 2010

My nearly 4 year old expressed to me that for her 4th birthday she would like a Dragon Party. As I discussed this further with her, she wanted to dig up dragon remains in the back yard like a paleontologist would and do some dragon crafts--make a necklace, paint an egg. So began the planning for a not just a party but an event!
I take pride every year in creating unique one of a kind invitations for my children's parties and knew that this party invite could not be like any I had created before. After much searching through dragon books, I decided that her invitation needed to take the form of a newspaper announcing the discovery of Dragon Remains!
To create this I downloaded an old map of our area, some photos of paleontologist's tools and a skeleton of a dragon [which would later serve as pattern for the skeleton that got planted in the back yard for our budding dragonologists to find]. The newspaper is complete with the article about the discovery, ads, and classifieds--where the actual invite can be viewed under the Employment Opportunities section!

Strickland Gazette page 1

Strickland Gazette page 2
I'm sharing the invite with you today, other elements of this birthday party will be shared in weeks to come.
Thank you for looking and I look forward to your feedback.


  1. Your four year old is a child after my own heart. I love Dragons. I am eager to hear more about her party. I love your zentangle for Challenge #7.

  2. @Ruby, we were delighted when our 1st child was born under the Chinese zodiacal sign Golden Dragon. My husband and I have been long time fans of the dragon! It is only natural that our 2nd child loved them too...we would have thought she were from an alien family if she did not! lol! We announced her arrival by sending out a note that said we got our Dragon a Puppy [she's born in the year of the dog]. :)
    It was an awesome party...thank you for your feedback! It is most appreciated!

  3. This is so cool... I know there is a store that sells the mini bone digger things.. where you can dig up your own bones.. but I think making them is kind of cool too.. maybe you can do dragon Jello eggs where the eggs are jello jigglers and then inside is a mini gummy dragon.. not sure where you could find agummy dragon but wouldn't that be neat.. I love this idea..the invite that is..

  4. This is absolutely wonderful! What a great imagination this child will have as an adult and what a warm memory, too.

  5. Brilliant...love the Gazette!


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