Monday, January 17, 2011

The Process

There's been a great deal of talk about the process lately from my co-bloggers in the Diva's Weekly Zentangle Challenge. Afterall, the key ingredient in the tangle is the process it takes to get there. The process helps with the Zen of it all.

a few ingredients for an upcoming tag project
For me, all of my creations are a process. I gather about me my favorite tools and beautiful papers and inks and embellishments. I have background music playing if I'm in the mood but often times I'm in a quiet environment with the background noise being the kids or the silly cat. I've sketched or developed an idea in my head that I've almost completed--although the creation hardly ever resembles how it looks in my head! HA!
Then I sit and begin to play until I like the results. There's no divine intervention, no super big ideas, just trial and error. Sometimes while playing I discover new techniques that are fun and intriguing and garner awesome results...sometimes it's just a mess...but the process, the journey I take to get there provides the same kind of zen that I get with tangling.


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