Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Award!!! I'd Like to thank...

Meighen over at ♥scrappin_3rdeeschik♥ blog honored me last weekend with a blog award! Such a nice suprise! I'm so honored!!!

After receiving this award you have to give it to 8 other bloggers and tell us 8 things about you. :D

I Award this honor to the following bloggers
1. Laura at I am the Diva--she inspires me with her Zentangles each week!
2. Tina at Live, Love & Stamp--fun cards, and co-lover of all things BigShot!
3. Lisa at Lisa's Scrap'n Shack--crafty diva, innovative cards and a scout mom!
4. Sigrid at Love Scrap Reflect--such cute cards, such a BIG ♥, very thoughtful crafter!
5. Cynthia at Cynchronicity--I love her upcycling and creativity--great crafts for kids too!
6. Mary at PinkFlamingo16--Great steampunk inspired art! Love everything she does!
7. Susan at Sometimes Susan Scraps--she inspired my scrappy creativity [blog rather newish--followed her at LM]!
8. Emily at FaithHope&Art--mother, teacher,crafter, artist!

8 Things About Me
1. I went to clown school and I have 2 higher education degrees.
2. I am a travel agent by day at Cowboy Way Travel.
3. I am an only child, an aries, and have stayed married to the same man for nearly 19 years.
4. I had my first child 1 month before turning 31 and my last child at 37.
5. I love the small town I live in and usually am humored by its quirks.
6. I can't knit.
7. I usually read 3 or more books at the same time--usually non-fiction.
8. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
Thank you Meighen!! Show all these bloggers some love!


  1. I agree - you are a very STYLISH blogger! And what a great mini-intro; thanks!

  2. Wow that is so great Lesley. She also awarded me with the badge also. I too am honored to receive it. Meighen is a very kind person. Thanks to her for sharing.


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