Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge #3 Eyes Wide Shut. [revisited]

Eyes Wide Shut #2 as drawn
Monday I am the Diva announced the new Weekly Challenge for Zentangle on her blog and I immediately tangled my challenge. I enjoyed my process and was happy with my results. I enjoyed looking at all of the other offerings from the many tangle artists joining the weekly challenge now--beautiful work and inspiration. And then the week just got boring. I was done with my tangle. I had personal tangling I could do...I had other paper crafty projects to work on, but my mind longed to re-tangle the challenge more than anything!
to the left...

So Friday night I found myself retangling the challenge! My original string appears above and was tangled as such. I stopped hoping not to fill in all of my white space as I'm still practicing leaving more white. I kept exploring why I felt this tangle was not "finished." Then I began turning it...a trick I learned in design class nearly 24 years ago. Sometimes seeing things at a different angle can change your perception.

to the left...

I like how different the tangle looks from each direction and am intrigued how different the white space looks from each direction. The organic tangles go from looking like fern fronds to tentacles in on an ocean creature to roots reaching deep into the earth. The center goes from looking like an eye with delicate eyelashes to the opening of a conch shell.

I liked all of the turning attempts but my tangle still just seemed a little on edge, like it was needing *something*. And then finally I made one last turn to the left.  YES! That's it! 
Weekly Challenge #3--revisited.
Thank you for looking! Have a peaceful day!


  1. Brilliant, Leslie (and it saved me having to turn my laptop upside down... or standing on my head [grin]). Meanwhile, back in Seriousville... when I met Shelly, I got to pick up her tiles 'in person' for the first time and rotate them. Such a difference! I've been twisting my neck ever since, looking at tiles online. LOL


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