Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snowflake Ornaments with Cheery Lynn Dies

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today on the Cheery Lynn Blog I am sharing a quick and easy tutorial on creating snowflake ornaments from Cheery Lynn's fabulous doilies! For each ornament cut 2 of your favorite doily, 2 of the smallest horizon circle boutique stacker, 1 of the large horizon boutique stacker and I cut a circle about a half inch smaller than the total doily to build my snowflake on. I used a brushed silver card stock for my doilies and a bright white card stock for the rest of the dies. You could use whatever color combinations you prefer.

Cheery Lynn Dies used

For each doily, fold in half and then in half cross wise--folding the back side to the inside.
Then folding the opposite direction--back side out--fold at the eighths. Do this for the little horizon circle boutique dies as well...they fit inside your big doilies.

In one of the valley folds, snip with scissors to the center point. you will have a piece that looks similar to above [this one is upside down as the flaps are the actual valleys]
When you have two doilies completed they will form a 3 dimensional doily like this--before being glued down. This is the Lilith Doily.
Here is the Candy Hearts doily ready to go!
You are ready to center your doily on the plain circle and glue down your valleys. Next glue down your small folded horizon circle boutique diecuts that you have prepared into the center. You do not have to match the seams of the doilies below--in fact I think it looks a little better when you do not. Adhere the entire piece to the large horizon circle boutique diecut. As an embellishment, add a button to the center. You could also add glitter or handmade flowers or a photo! Punch a hole for a string and attach a string to add it to your tree or garland. These are great to give away as gifts as well--you can personalize the back with a hand written note and the year!
I hope you enjoy making your own doily ornaments! Thank you for stopping by!!

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