Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heat Up some Fun with Lutradur and Cheery Lynn Dies

I have something fun to show you! With the last release, Cheery Lynn Designs brought in a cool new "fabric" substance to play with for your mixed media needs. It's called Lutradur and it's this crazy product that originally came from the automotive industry. It's white and webby and can be colored with a variety of methods but today I left it in it's white form for my snowy card.

I began by die cutting the miniature rose and the daisy strip. To make it easier to cut place your mixed media sheets on the die--you can cut up to 3 of the thinner ones at one time easily when you place a piece of paper for them to cut into. Shimming your machine with the metal adapter plate can also enhance your cutting--you just need to test your machine to determine what work best for you.

After the materials are cut, I remove them from the sheet and stack them on the tip of my pointy die cut tool. With the heat tool I heat the flowers until they start to melt and change shape and curl. When I am happy with the look I remove the heat. For the miniature roses I stacked 4 at a time-the heat also fuses the centers together around the metal tool. For the big daisy I stacked 2 medium and 4 small daisy pieces and repeated the heat process. Where the "fabric" is thinner fun holes will appear. My son also found that if you heated the material enough to catch it to a piece of metal, you could then "pull" strings. He used a ¼" piece of material to pull the fine strings to the left of my floral cluster. There are so many fun applications to explore!

My second new favorite thing...die cutting metallic card stock and mirror card stock--it cuts like butter with a hot knife! Just wait until you see the New Year's Eve card I have planned for you towards the end of the month! It's just beautiful what you can do with the shiny mirrored card stock and Cheery Lynn Dies! Today I used silver for my little snowflakes.  I hope you enjoyed my card today and some Lutradur tips! Thank you for stopping by! 
Remember there is still time to join the new challenge!!! Challenge #109 is Tis the SeasonThere is a chance to win a $20 shopping spree at Cheery Lynn Designs. Thank you for stopping by today!

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