Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Key to My Heart

 Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to share with you some fun new products that I've been experimenting with this weekend! This is chipboard and embossing powders and glazes from Globecraft and Piccolo! I'm very excited about these embossing powders! They are blended with a variety of sizes so that you get spurts of color and chunkyness in your project depending on how much you heat them.
For the chipboard hearts, I layered three coats of powder on each side and then added a glaze of glastique to the top to add shine and smoothness. For the keys I applied 2 coats of powder on  both sides...the smoothness of the copper did not require an additional coat of glaze. I created 1" and ½" paper beads and then coated them all with the copper emboss enamel. On the ½" beads I sprinkled a coat of cranberry wine on for the last layer and heated the bead one more time. Layered on top of the copper, the cranberry powder gave a smoother finish!

Products Used

The necklace was put together with a variety of chains and jump rings. A bit of sari silk was threaded through the eyes above the beads for added comfort in wear. I hope you enjoyed my project featuring chipboard and emboss enamel and glastique glaze from Globecraft and Piccolo! Thank you for stopping by!!

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  1. Beautiful, Leslierahye, don't you just love that Cranberry Wine embossing powder! Great job.


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