Monday, June 24, 2013

leslierahye's International Fairy Day Blog Hop | Introduction

Happy International Fairy Day Everyone! Welcome to my 2nd annual Blog Hop celebrating this fantastic occasion! This blog hop is dedicated to all things Fairy! I am often asked where did International Fairy Day began? This quote from FaeNation sums it up: 
"The most important day in the calendar, June 24th – this day is the second ever International Fairy Day. Founded by artist Jessica Galbreth, Fairy Day is a holiday for believers, collectors and the young at heart to celebrate all that is Fae and reconnect with their imagination and child-like wonder. It is the perfect day to glamour bomb, make a fairy altar, take a walk in unspoilt countryside or even just reread your favourite fairy books. See the Fairy Day website for more ideas."
I have collected some of my favorite bloggers and crafters to join me in this fun celebration! I hope you enjoy the projects we've done. Below you will find a list of sure to hop from project to project--the list is on everyone's blog to help you. My personal project will be at the end of the hop! There is a sparkly package available as a prize for one lucky commentator--all you must do is comment on each blogger's post...please comment here for Miss Jillian. Now on to the celebration...
Let's begin with Miss Jillian, age 7. Jillian asked if she could join my hop because she loves fairies so much and had made a Fairy Sock Puppet that she wanted to share! How could we resist!!

from Jillian:
Karla the Sock Puppet was made from a tube sock. I added green pom-poms for eyes. The wings I cut from purple construction paper and white paper. I took two clothes pins for the hands so Karla can hold her wand. I colored her cloths with Bic Mark-its and I added pipe cleaners for her hair and feet.
Thank you Ms. Leslie for letting me join your fairy hop I love fairies.

Great Job Jillian!
Hop on over to the other stops and show them some love! I have a sparkly prize and great offer to share! Happy International Fairy Day!!


  1. What a cute fairy! I see we have an up and coming artist!

  2. absolutely charming! love seeing budding artists!

  3. Fantastic sock puppet fairy- Miss Jillian you rocked the blog hop!

  4. Great idea for clothes pegs to hold that bright wand!

  5. Great job sweetie! I love "Karla the sock puppet fairy"! Love, Mommy :)

  6. What an adorable fairy puppet. I would love to see her in action. You are very talented young lady!

  7. Karla is a beauty! A fab sock fairy Jillian.


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