Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Cast in Clay Blog Hop | Molded Love Notes Notepads

Thanks for joining this amazing group of blogs.  This is two Design teams using both Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay® to create amazing project for you

I began by punching the holes of my love notes cover
with my Bind-it-all. The finished cover will not fit into
Bind-it-All that I have so the holes will mold and
allow me to cut them with a craft knife later.
I then wrote "love notes" on the cover .
To make the yarn easier to manipulate, I applied glue
to the enter length of yarn and on the letters. I then
lined up the yarn starting with the "l". When I got to the
end of the "e", I brought the yard around the perimeter
of the 4×2½" cover, making the heart by looping
the yarn.
I completed the word "notes"  and added glue to
areas of the cover that appeared to be lifting. I
set the cover aside to dry completely before
attempting to mold it.

I conditioned equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty part A and
part B. I worked quickly to cover the note pad cover and used
my brayer to smooth the back of the mold so if I later wanted
to cast the cover with Amazing Clear Cast or Amazing Casting
Resin it would make for an even pour.  I sat the mold aside to cure.
Once cured I removed the original to inspect my mold. I loved it.
Experiments led me to use the Creative Paperclay Delight. The
Delight is super light and makes an incredible impression in the
mold. it dries super quick--a process which can be sped up in
a warm oven. I made sure to brayer my Delight in the mold to
have a smooth back for my cover.
I un-molded my Delight cover in white. Pleased with the results
I next added a touch of pink pant to the delight and molded a
pink cover as well. Once the molded pieced dried, I trimmed off
the edges of the cover and used a craft knife to cut the holes to
bind my cover to the base of the book.
When painting the Delight, I used Sakura 3D Crystal lacquer
mixed with Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder--which melts so pretty
in the lacquer, and Terri Sproul's Mixers in Red Satin to high-
light the yarn words. I lightly brushed the gold in a transparent
layer on the face of the cover and in a more opaque manner
around the edges.
Once dry I stacked the cover, the punched inner pages, and the
backing board in the order as it should look once bound.
I then flipped the back board over on the front of the cover
and threaded the wires into the cover so that the "u" rested
inside the back cover. I crimped my coil in my Bind-it-All
to create my Love Notes Notebook. I added Crafty Ribbons
Ribbon from the Ladybug bargain bag to the coils.
I hope you enjoyed my Molded Love Notes tutorial! Thank you for looking!
Enjoy the rest of the hop! Be sure to leave a comment and
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  1. very creative use of such a marvellous product. well done

  2. This is such a great idea! Very cute!

  3. What a great blog hop. Love the notepads.

  4. Totally cool and very clever ! xoxoxox

  5. Great project Leslie! I love the notebook this would be great for a class project!

  6. Love this idea!!! Your love notes cover is beautiful! Thanks for the tut!


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