Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thankful for Those Who Have Served Blog Hop 2014

Good Morning everyone and Happy Veterans Day to those celebrating in the states. This is the day that we honor and remember our veterans. It's a solemn day as we recall the loved ones that are no longer with us who gave their lives. It's a day of celebration as we honor those still with us who returned.  
In the past I've shared my grandfather's with you. For me, this is what this day is about...remembering them...their service...their sacrifices to their families. We are the Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave...brave men like these.

William Q Snow
World War II

Marion D Harris
World War II

We are getting a late start today--I originally planned this hop to go live by 8:00 am cst.  My son sustained a 3rd concussion recently and for the last two days has been dealing with increased symptoms--I will share more on that in a few days with a special post entitled BRAINZ.  My projects for today will be posted later today so please check back...in the mean time my artist friends have their posts ready to share...please show them some love.

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  1. Love your ATCS! Great tribute to Vets and your Grandfather!

  2. Love these ! It is so nice to see a tribute to our service members now and then. TFS


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