Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Monthly Member Blog Hop | BRAINZ

Good Morning everyone! I've missed all of my Smeared Ink companions. I was participating in the 31days of Halloween Hop as a Wicked Blogger and then I just disappeared. No note...nothing. I do apologize for that but here is what happened.
My son sustained a 3rd concussion. If' you've been following me long you know about 2 years ago we had a very rough year with my son...he sustained 2 concussions within 6 months of each other and had a very difficult time coming back from them. I've arted and written about that experience here. Since then I've become an advocate for parents dealing with this issue and my door is ALWAYS open to anyone having to go through concussions with their kids.
Then there is my kid--age 14...he's a spazz...I love him...he now looms at 6'½" and is not aware of his height. He was at the UIL Area Finals with my husband for the marching band. They rode charter buses down to the even rather than the old "yellow dogs" and he was not aware that the cubbies above the seats were so close. He stood up quick and knocked his head pretty hard. After several excuses by ALL of us as to why he had a headache, why he was dizzy, why he was became apparent that he had a 3rd concussion. We immediately went into complete cognitive rest--that means NO NO NO electronics, no computers, no phone, no videos, no no no...No Band, No shop, no no no. Poor kid. He wanted to so to be better he started giving us less than accurate symptom levels when we'd do the symptom test on him in hopes of getting to get into action sooner. It's always one step forward and three back with this. Today, we are on day 4 of staying at home with complete cognitive rest as we over did on Friday when he had said he was much better.
How this applies to the theme of Transparency....I wish the skull [a Smeared Ink digi image printed on a transparency] was transparent so we could look inside his brain and see where the hurt is and fix it. A concussion occurs when the brain giggles around inside the skull [which seems very hard and opaque] and it hits the sides of the skull. The brain is injured. Something so HARD can be so delicate. To look inside and take away the fear and the depression and the anxiety and the fogginess and the ache and the dizziness...I wish for that. I would give anything to make it better for him--for any dealing with concussions. In retrospect I supposed my airing my personal life today also makes ME transparent. I hope this brings a bit of awareness to those who come in contact with people dealing with concussions...just because their injury is NOT transparent--they're not bleeding or broken or obviously hurt--they are still's a traumatic brain injury, it's real, it's serious.

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  1. thankyou for such a thought provoking piece, very cool.EE

  2. We missed you Leslie, but of course family comes first and an emergency is just that, an emergency. You have to with that and forget the rest until you're able. So sorry to hear about your son and hope he heals quickly. Your project seems like a great healer for YOU. Isn't art wonderful, like that? Brilliant work. xxD

  3. Thanks for explaining!! I was certainly wondering when you disappeared. I do hope your son recovers soon. Feel for you all!

  4. I am so sorry for your son and you of course! I was so baffled and worried when you didn't post the last day...I bugged the site asking about you. I hope things get better as fast as possible and thank you for your frankness ie. transparency on this issue; I am the same way with breast cancer because we can help someone if only one person it is worth putting ourselves out there. I admire how you took this challenge and channeled it into art and excellent art at that! Best wishes for a lovely and quiet Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hugs all around:)

  5. I'm so sorry that you are going through this with your son. My own dear son has Asperger's Syndrome, and while we didn't deal with this exact issue in his growing-up years, we dealt with many others, so I know a little of what you are going through. It's so hard to see our kids suffer and feel so helpless. Hang in there. (btw, I love your piece and how it has so much personal meaning for you!)

  6. Brilliant art therapy Leslie! You were missed much at the end of 31 DOH, so sad to hear of your boy. I am glad you are all on the mend now and happy you were able to share with all of us. I think it is hard to find a parent who is not willing to take away all the hurts from our kids, gosh it tears all of us apart. Do keep doing your art therapy and remind him to duck:)

    Take care and I LOVE your piece today, awesome brainz....


  7. Leslie, fantastic art you made related to your son. Hope he will get better soon!
    Hugs, Elenor

  8. Oh my Leslie, I hope your son is feeling a little better. I never knew about having full cognitive rest, and I've done First Aid and CPR for years! Thank you for such valuable information. Your art is amazing, and so full of emotion, it really would be easier if we could just look inside to see the hurt and fix it <3


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