Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kept Under Lock & Key

 Happy Wednesday everyone! Globecraft and Piccolo has so many wonderful bezels and charms to alter into wonderful jewelry! I created this piece with the Fancy Square Bezel. It's large size allows for many design options. I created a textured background by building up several layers of Vintage Copper Enamel Powder and while it was still hot I stamped my rubber stamp into the melted enamel. Rubbing the Adhesive Fluid over the rubber before this process keeps the stamp from sticking to the enamel permanently.

Once cooled off I added small flourishes and tiny hearts and a vintage lock to the front to mimic an old lock face like on a trunk. These pieces were previously embossed with Copper Kettle Enamel Powder. They are adhered to the bezel with Glasstique--I hold the pieces into place with clothes pins until they dry. The accents are then coated with glossy Glasstique to add extra shine. Black India Ink was rubbed across the face of the bezel to deepen the color and add a vintage feel to the bezel. The Bezel was edged with a black marker and a layer of Glassitique was smeared across the back to seal the chipboard. Keys were embossed with Vintage Bronze Enamel Powder. Copper jump rings attach the keys to the bezel and a simple leather thong "chain" was constructed to go through the rings.

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