Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Vintage Time Piece

 Happy Wednesday everyone! Today on the Globecraft Piccolo Blog I share necklace project! Globecraft and Piccolo has so many wonderful bezels and charms to alter into wonderful jewelry! The Vintage Clock Necklace set is FANTASTIC! I LOVE how this turned out!!

I began by embossing the clock face and the "dangles" with the Victorian Bronze and the back of the clock with Micro Black. I embossed both sizes of the back of the clock a couple of times--using a tweezers to hold the chipboard while it cooled. Once the pieces were prepped [embossed several times] I adhered the clock face to the clock back with the glossy Glastique. I held my pieces into place with clothespins.
Once dry I filled the face of the timepiece with Instant UV Resin. While you can cure this product in the comforts of your home in the dark using a special UV heat lamp, I tested curing it outside with the sun--it's amazing how quickly this product hardens! It created a nice dome where a dome on the glass of a clock would be. for the remaining clock face, I filled in with a touch of gloss Glastique--leaving a ledge around the rest of the chipboard.

To assemble this piece I used some very small black link chain that would fit through my larger jump rings. I added a dangle to each end of the chain after threading it through it's rings. I like the look of triple jump rings with this piece and repeated it when adding the last piece and the neck chain. 

Globecraft & Piccolo Products used
Vintage Clock Necklace Set C114

I really love how this piece turned out and will definitely be playing with the UV resin again! Such a fun product!!!  Thank you for stopping by!!
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