Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Resin Rings from Wooden Things!

I am so excited to share my project with you today!!! I love making my own jewelry and have recently been inspired to try some ideas with the Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin!! When my boss, who recently returned from a trip to Dublin Ireland brought me some wooden stamps inspired from the Chester Beatty Library's collection of Illuminated Manuscripts, I knew exactly where I wanted to take these nifty souveniers!!!
For this project you will need:
a DEEPLY cut stamp/item that will allow you to make a flat mold at least 1/8" deeop
Allumilite Pearlescent Powder
base to curve ring on
Alcohol Inks, Acrylics other colorants
wire and beads

Apply Allumilite Powder to wooden stamp to
encourage it to release from Mold Putty.
Mix part A with equal part B to create Mold Putty.
Press stamp(s) into Mold Putty and let set for 3 minutes.

Released stamps will have a shimmer from the glitter. You can either wipe that out
for the normal finish, or leave it in for a Pearlescent finish. 

 Mix equal parts Amazing Casting Resin per instructions on the package.
Pour into molds.

 And wait...the clear liquid will start to cloud and all of a sudden it will
take on the opaque hardened consistency seen below.

Once the resin is set to where it will "click" when tapped and will somewhat
easily allow itself to be removed from the mold but still warm, unmold and
begin to shape the resin piece to curve. I used the side of my mold putty
canister to begin the shaping.

It is easier to punch a hole in the resin before it is completely hardened.
I used a Japanese screw punch to make a hole for wire.

 I completed the shaping of the resin on my own finger since I was making these rings for myself.

Curved rings from wooden stamps! What fun!!!

It's simple to color the resin with Alcohol Inks--here I've used Bottle.

Copper Mixatives adds a beautiful contrast to the copper.

The flower was painted with both acrylic and alcohol inks.
To fashion the cast resin into a ring, I strung sterling wire
the holes and wrapped the wire to make a ring to fit my
finger. For the flower ring, which only had 1 set of  holes,
I added beads to the wire to make the ring part more
substantial and comfortable.

Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed my projects!


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