Friday, September 30, 2011

Career Day Costume | Officer Sam!

My daughter is in Kindergarten and this week they have been studying Community Helpers and Careers. Today was the day they had all been waiting for : Dress Up Career Day!! Sam came home a few weeks ago in preparation for this day to announce that she needed to be a "policeman" for career day. She then proceeded to tell me about her PINK policeman costume. I informed her that police officers didn't normally have pink in their uniforms and that we would see what we could do.
Items needed for Career Day Costume
navy pants/leggings and navy t-shirt
navy visor and matching fabric
roll of Pink Duck Brand Tape
cardboard or card stock
glue, need, thread
police person accessories

To transform Sam's navy outfit into a police uniform, I simply printed off the word "Police" in an easy to trim font on my computer [Impact] and put some Duck Tape on a used sticker sheet. I cut around each letter and then lined them up on a ruler to make the word straight. I replaced the dot on the "i" with a ♥.  The Duck Tape is removable and Sam can wear the shirt long after Career Day.

For the hat, I cut an 8" circle out of the card stock [2 layers glued together for strength]. I glued the card stock to the fabric and cut another circle out of the fabric--about 13". I gathered the fabric on the edge with needle and thread and a quick running stitch. The gathered circle was then hotglued and stitched onto the visor...the front the circle goes OVER the the lip of the visor. Once past the brim, the circle edge gets tucked into the visor. A piece of Duck Tape folded into 3rds was used to fashion a trim across the front of the hat. 
A simple badge shape was cut out of the double card stock. Cardboard letters "PD" were adhered to the front. Foil was then rubbed on and around the badge to make it "shiny". The badge was applied to the hat with glue.

The belt was constructed using 4 long pieces of Duck Tape. Loops were fashioned out of Duck Tape folded into 3rds and taped in the back. A "buckle" was made using a buckle alphabet letter that I had but could easily have been made using a piece of card board covered with tape or foil. "Fabric" was made by laying strips of tape upon themselves until  a big enough piece was achieved. I then made a pocket for the handcuffs and a cover for the ticket book. Brads were used as decorative elements on the belt and hat.

Officer Sam LOVES her pink police officer uniform and will be roaming the halls handing out tickets to those not following school rules! Thank you for stopping by! 

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  1. this is so clever - well done - she is so adorable


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