Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Challenge #18 | Eggcellent!

This week's challenge at Laura Harms' blog I am the Diva CZT is all about EGGS! What a fun way to get ready for Easter. Inspired by Pysanky - the art of Ukrainian Easter Eggs--we are making our own tangled eggs...I know I plan to tangle some of our "huntin' eggs" but for now this paper one will have to do!

My papercraft friend Deanna also does Pysanky eggs and they are GORGEOUS!! Go visit her blog and look around at her beautiful eggs!!
Go on over to Laura's blog as she has an AWESOME link to Pysanky designs!


  1. I will repeat myself until I turn blue......make stamps out of them ! :)

  2. Love your egg and the Pysanky site is great. I enjoy her description of what each Pysanky pattern represents. I see tangles...

  3. Such a pretty design on the eggs!...You've inspired me, I think I am going to dye an egg black and do a reverse pattern where I bleach off the black dye to show the white of the egg...I'll post a pic when I'm done...Love the Zentangling. I actually did some Zentangling with my classes at school--they loved it!...I'll have to take some pictures of what the kids created and send to it!...TY for sharing your talents...Deanna


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