Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Throwback Tuesday | Sam's Fairy Party Part I

For my daughter's birthday, she wanted a Fairy Birthday Party. She has always been fascinated by the fanciful and loves all things wings.  Her brother wanted to play a huge role in the making of the party items and invitation and I loved collaborating with him on this project. A lot of  detail went into the planning of this party to make it a spectacular fairy wonderland. In order to focus on all the details, I've divided this post into 3 parts--the first part today covers the invitation, general guest preparation and the cake. Part 2 will cover the decorations and fairy environment. Part 3 will include a tutorial on wing construction.

For her invitation, Will and I illustrated a Fairy Story  inviting folks to come to the secret location of the fairies.

title page of book
 We began by making individual illustrations of the various fanciful creatures that would be in fairy books. I did some of the watercolor drawings and Will did others. We merged them together to form the illustrations of the book.
opening of book featuring art from Will and myself
 Once the illustrations were merged, the book was designed in Publisher and written about Samantha and the party. The book was bound using the Bind-it-All with pink coils. the covers of the book were bookboard covered with pretty paper.
another page of book featuring Will primarily
additional characters featured on other pages in the book
Fairy wings were made for each party-goer out of acetate, alcohol inks, tissue paper, paint and glitter. A tutorial for the process of making the wings will be in the 3 part of this post.
The guests faces were painted when they arrived using Crayola watercolor paint and soft bristle brushes..

Sam and Will outfitted with their wings and faces painted
 The cake was a two layer round strawberry cake with buttercream icing, embellished with fresh flowers and green icing! YUM!

The backyard was transformed into a fairy paradise...below is a hint of what is to come in Part 2--Fairy Sam is relaxed eating mini marshmallows at a fairy feeding station...several of these were positioned around the yard to attract fairies to the area!
A great time was had by all...look for more on the fairy party on another Throwback Tuesday!

Thank you for visiting I hope you like what you see!


  1. Awesome! Sam is blessed to have such a creative Mom and thoughtful big bro - kudos!

  2. OMGosh, LR. I wish I had as much talent as you have in your little pinkie finger!

  3. looks like she had a ball and the book is awesome and a great memory and the cake is out of this world and i love it to cause it has daisies of course lol. nice job all a round leslie


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