Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft Your Stash! by Lisa Fulmer | a review

Good Morning everyone!! I am honored to be among a fantastic lineup of creators to preview a brand new book by Lisa Fulmer~Craft Your Stash! When I learned Lisa was publishing a book about Crafting Your Stash I knew it would be amazing and embody her own special gifts for imparting crafty wisdom to her audience. I was not disappointed! 
Lisa's book is both informative and beautiful! I love the layouts of the pages and her explanations of tools, storage tips, and techniques are easy to understand and helpful for not only the novice but also the experienced crafter. For those of us who have taken crafting to a whole new shopping and collecting level, this book is perfect. Tips on creating storage for your hoard so that it is both attractive and VISIBLE is welcome. I know seeing what I have enables me to use what I have.
I also love that Lisa's book covers tips not only for the paper crafter, but also the all-over crafter who would have a stash of fabric and all that goes with that as well! Her projects cover everything from beads and fabric to paint leftovers, old CDs and beautiful paper creations.  There's something for everyone in this book! You are sure to come away inspired.

 How can I get my own Craft Your Stash?!?!?

1. Signed copies for sale on
2. Amazon
3. Local craft and book stores
4. or try to win your own by entering the drawing!


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  1. Thanks bunches for taking part in the hop - so happy you like the book! xoxo

  2. LOVE! I'm working on my sewing/craft room... it's gotten so bad up here that hubby now calls it my CRAP room! :/ I'd argue with him if it wasn't so painfully TRUE!

  3. This book sounds like an absolute MUST HAVE and I would love to add it to my toolbox! Fingers crossed!


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