Monday, March 21, 2011

Come2Chat Craft Challenge | Cardboard Classic

This weeks Come2Chat craft challenge is the Cardboard Classic. Amanda Marks of the Creative Edventures team chose this fun theme and challenges us to make something practical--that can be used! As soon as I saw that cardboard was involved, I knew I had to try Wenche's Book Tutorial! Wenche, a Norwegian blogger,  has many amazing projects on her blog Wenches Kort og Papir--take the time to translate her blog and experience the beauty of her work!

Above is my 1st attempt with Wenche's tutorial on her book/box. This one I've made to keep my son's merit badges in until I get them sewn on his sash. they will be in one spot and he can add to them as he earns more. The bookplates on the cover are only glued on the bottom so my son can add a title to his book and slip them in behind the bookplate frame.

I used chipboard as the skeleton of my book, cardstock to form the faux pages in the accordian method that Wenche describes in her blog. The cover of the book is more cardboard--this time corrugated cardboard with the outer cover pulled off to expose the corrugations. The easiest way to accomplish this is to dampen the layer to be pulled off--I wiped it with a VERY damp papertowl and let the cardboard sit for a minute. Once moistened, the top layer will pull off VERY easily and leaves behind the cool textured look! I added diecut embellishments for the cover.

I hope you enjoyed my project! Thank you for looking! Be sure to check Wenche's blog for amazing inspiration on what you can do to decorate these fun book/boxes.

Next week's Come2Chat Craft Challenge can be found here.


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