Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super S Tangle

I have a vision of individually tangled letters spelling my children's names on their walls. I want them to be in small frames individually. While shopping before Christmas, I came across a steal of a deal with varying sizes frames 10 frames ranging in size 4×4 inches to 8×10 inches. Perfect for spelling W I L L and S A M. There would be a few left over. I liked the idea that the frames will have varying sizes.
I proceded to play with letters, how I would make a base....would I print off an outline of a letter on some cardstock and then tangle away around it? or would I free draw each letter? In this practice S, I have free-drawn the s and the tangled on. I like the outcome.
To check with my kids to see if they would think this was as cool as I, I first showed the S to my daughter--it's the first letter of her name and technically could be her S. She proclaimed that it was a "Super S."
My son also really liked the S and also tried to stake claim since our last name begins with S. My idea, being met with approval shall move forward. I will share the final results as they are made. For now, enjoy my "Super S."


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