Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rock Star Accessories!

UPDATED: These projects are currently in a blog link-up contest with Fave Crafts. Please go vote for my projects here. I would really appreciate the support. I could win a $50 gift card that would help me continue to share with you fun crafts!
This week is Red Ribbon Week at my children's school. If you are unfamiliar with Red Ribbon Week, you can read more about its history and presence in the school systems across America here. This year the kids in addition to wearing Wednesday's traditional RED, get to wear pajamas, come as their favorite super here [a special post to come on this too], come dressed in their favorite team jersey, and for my daughter's school, come to school as a ROCK STAR! 
My little Rock Star did not wish to have her photo made in her Rocker Attire so you simply get the photos of the items I crafted to go with her flashy jeans--they have stars stitched into them as well as a few appliques of stars on them-- and rock star shirt. 
Upcycled 3D Movie Glasses with bling and Pink punchies
Pinked up Homecoming Bow with added mulberry flowers

Upcycled water bottle bracelets with ribbon and eyelash/pom fibers 
 Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my projects!

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  1. How girly! Perfect for a little girl party to play dress up. And of course, you would have to take them out to a restaurant in their dress up outfits!


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